IHM “The Future of Integrated Care” Expo: Roy Lilley has Reality Check!

The Integrated Care Expo was organised and run by The Institute of Healthcare Management.  Ably partnered by 2020 Health, and sponsored by Novartis. It sounds like the organisers were already living the integration dream! It was a very full session, with thought leading punchy presentations from real hands on practitioners, and then the speakers left it to us to pull some actions from their erudition. Phew. All to be put together as a report to add to the governments Green Paper on the future of social care. And it was fab.

Why? Well, there was more than a slight dose of the complex reality that we are dealing with. Money, silo mentality, means tested care and free at the point of care…it went on.

There are myriad vested interests, and a level of overlap between all of the areas we were presented with (from Primary Care to private provision to home care to mental health to workforce support to targets) just served to prove how impossible it is to consider one without the other. The level of overlap meant our workshops all came up with overlapping proposals. I do hope Ricahrd Vize, the highly respected Guardian columnist will be able to pull the disparate strands together. Nothing he hasn’t seen before, I don’t think.

What felt good was being in a room with like-minded people who really want to make things happen. We have all had an input into a government discussion paper. And there were loads of great ideas, including scrapping all of the inspection bodies. And a windfall tax on the social media companies to be ring fenced to spend on youth mental health (as they are probably part of the problem?)

Thank you IHM, and partners and sponsors. I felt listened to.  Amongst friends. And had a voice inputting into future policy.  More specific than voting! What’s not to love?

Thanks to Roy Lilley and Team from the IHM for chairing, cajoling and forcing us to think hard…

Some of the speakers at the Expo…

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