It’s all about the people…

My companion blog  “Can Men Cook?” – is all about cooking and eating.  Sometimes, it feels a bit crossover.  I just got that thought while writing today about a memorable lunch in The Old Coastguard Inn at Mousehole in Cornwall.

The food was excellent (see blog – click here for link)

But what makes the experience memorable.  I said to our friends Wendy and Gus as we arrived, “This will be good.  The atmosphere is excellent.  All the staff are calm and smiley”.

And it is that simple sometimes. OK – it means they pay right, have enough of them, get the team to appreciate each other, all muck in, all love their job and what they have to offer as product. They understand people, and what they are there for.  And they treat you like they would like to be treated if the boot was on the other foot.

In short, the people do make the biggest difference.  It isn’t deep and meaningful.  But it is hard to do and hard to keep on doing.

We will be back.  And I look forward to seeing the smiles once more!

Garden view at The Old Coastguard

Garden view at The Old Coastguard