Saltbox – 5th Birthday – The Day!

(You can see the food views in my sister blog, canmencook . So tasty, you can almost smell it!)

Nicki Davey had a lot of thanks to make as we continued to chomp away on the cakes as she introduced the Saltbox 5th Anniversary celebration.  It was held at The Salthouse in Nunney, Somerset .  As is Nicki’s style, we had all 5 senses used during the session.  I didn’t expect ‘taste’ to be represented, but had forgotten about the food!  Splendid smells wafted from the oil burners, and we were then entertained by Tom Butler-Bowden (click to see more).  He is quite famous for his “50” series – including titles such as 50 self-help classics, 50 Success classics and more…His approach can save you  a lot of time and a lot of reading!  These books would be an absolute boon for any student trying to pull together an essay!  But they just save anyone (especially us trainers) loads of time and money so in one book you get the essence of some of the classic works in an area without having to read like a Booker Prize judge.

Nicki with Tom in front of the collage

Nicki with Tom in front of the collage

He was here though to talk about his other book – Never Too Late.  There is a 10 year theory – it takes that long for a new idea, a new business venture, a new way of working or whatever – to gestate and form and then to start it’s own life.  This was heartening to us 50 somethings, who may have felt that ‘if only’ idea was never going to come to fruition.  Hang on in there, is the message – but you need to start by thinking and working with something you are passionate about.  It helps you to stay the course.

More senses?  Hearing and listening!  And getting hot and bothered!  African Drumming – and singing, with Organic Rhythm.  Sharon Stone (another one…not that one!) kept us paced and in control.  It is amazing how much you can enjoy this, just by letting go and not worrying about making mistakes.  A lesson for work-life?

Nicki wanted people to add to her collage for the birthday celebration.  I added some pies with many fingers – she does have fingers in a lot of pies, and is a consummate net-worker.

Congratulations Nicki – here’s to the next 10 years (As Tom would tell you…)