Virgin: Thoughts from Richard Branson

You have to start somewhere. And I like the first quote here. It always feels like he acts like that. If you get the people right, then they will treat their customers correctly, which guarantees you will increase shareholder value. Makes sense?  And why am I writing this?  Well, picked up another two quotes from my 70 year old cousin on Facebook – she obviously admires his style!

So what did Lillian send me?  This:

“Train people well enough so they can leave. Treat people well enough so they don’t want to”

It’s the old trainers one revitalised and personalised (something Mr B seems to do rather well?).

“If you think training is an expensive cost to the business you should try not training!”

If you look after your staff they will look after your customers.  That’s the follow up from him.  Notice he says ‘your’. Not the staff and the customers….

Read the quote in bold above once more. Are you doing this? Are the staff your staff? Are they engaged? Do they want to leave? Do they want to stay and fight hard for success alongside you?

And if you asked them, anonymously, how would they reply?

Hand on heart, I think Richard Branson knows his own organisations answer!