A tale of two managers

A Practice Manager in a General Practice somewhere in England had resigned.  The response from two of the owners of the business (the Partners) was enlightening – in that they  responded  very differently to each other.

One blanked the resignee straight away.  The manager was moving out of the healthcare arena.  The blanker sent an e mail,  “OK – you’re obviously going for a better package – what can we offer to match it?”

The PM refused to dignify the e mail with a reply.

They did however become quite moved by the second response.

“Oh shit. That’s bad.”

There followed a quiet, thoughtful silence.

Then he said, “OK. What can we learn from this, do you think?”.

Isn’t that just so spot on? It is how you hope you would react in similar circumstances.  It is why the PM will return one day. And it is why the second partner gets my vote for leader of the month.

(Sometimes a blog is short because it doesn’t need any more input.  This is one of those).

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