WILY – weeks 16 & 17

As this is General Election poling day in the UK, I thought I’d start with the political bits from the last two weeks of What I Learnt Yesterday.  Sorry – I know this is mainly organisational biased stuff – but politics and power get in the way at work too!

I had an epiphany.  It was during one of the pseudo debates / question time style of programme.  I was fed up with the condescension and them telling me what they were going to do.  Politicians are there to spend our taxes in the way that we would prefer them to be spent.  They are servants, not masters.

Also had the embarrassment of someone European questioning our system! Danish friend heard we were talking about tactical voting.  “I’m sorry”, she said, “If you are talking about tactical voting then you don’t have a democracy.  Maybe it is time for first past the post to curl up and die.  It doesn’t suit a multi party state?

There were a few times when I had those lovely “I just love what I do” moments.  First, working with a set of experienced nurses.  Why, whatever else we talk about, does the conversation always at some point end up with sex?  I don’t know either, but it does!  And even after 20 years – I still get a huge buzz from working with committed and hard thinking delegates.  And then the thanks to everyone e mails start to circulate – and I know everyone is having a quiet and personal warm glow sensation.  Lovely!  Getting personal feedback that’s immensely positive too – I still do get quite emotionally choked up.  Working on local volunteer radio is a new thing for me – and as ever with anything new, a bit scary. There are always people to hold your hand…and it does help!

Found myself tweeting congratulatory tweets about the BBC.  W1A – just can’t imagine any other station taking the michael out of itself so deeply.  And so good to see Nick Robinson back in the saddle after his recent ops.  I hope he turns up, as Chief Political Correspondent for the BBC 1 coverage tonight.

The scary light...

The scary light…

Mentioned football a few times too – still love it, and still go through the whole gamut of emotions.  Maybe next season??

Personal stuff?  Live concert performances – Handel and then onto a bit of Soul – quite an evening!  But realised yet again how uplifting live performances can be.  Music is the food for the soul – and the human voice one of it’s best instruments.

A quote from @tipsy_writer to end on

“So poor – all they have is money”


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