#WILY – Week 9

Well, different old week.  So What Did I Learn Last Week?

  1.  I love being busy  (For those with sensitive souls – I just had to change that from the spell check which made it BUSTY – oh dear!).  This goes as far as gritting ones teeth after running a fairly exhausting 2 day course, and going out to a networking evening.  It was for volunteers on a local radio station – MarlowFM – 97.5 Mhz locally, and on line.  Just a lovely bunch of people in a lovely pub, doing something lovely locally!
  2. I love my job.  Being with a group of highly excited very committed set of people on a leadership course is both inspiring and uplifting.  I get paid to do this – how lucky is that?  I get a huge buzz from it, and always arrive home tired but happy…just great to see people grow.
  3. I occasionally become jealous.  A friend has enormous fan base on Twitter – highly deserved, but still felt those ‘if only’ pangs!  If you want to see her, use @LarkinQuotes – some lovely thought provocation. e.g.”Why don’t you have a go / if you’re so bloody clever”?  Oh – 31 000 followers. Philip Larkin
  4. The total immersive joy of live Theatre – we saw War Horse as a family on Saturday – Christmas pressie to each other.  2 rows from the front.  Wow. Wow. Wow.  I sobbed, a lot… So close and so involved and just so heart rendengly good.

5. Don’t share negative thoughts on a football team in a general text to your friends whom are mainly Tottenham fans, and not realise one is a closet Chelsea fan, and you almost fall out…

6. A metaphor – had to find a hotel on Sat Nav which had changed it’s name – maybe need to update my mental maps as well as the Sat Nav ones.  Makes you think, doesn’t it?  Update your internal maps?

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