#WILY week 8

Week 8 had two themes in What I Learnt Yesterday. And a few extras.

Lets do extras first.  Why does anything that you do always seem to take longer than you think?  Look at tyre changes in Formula 1 racing.  6 seconds to do it.  But because they have to slow down and speed up, it adds about 35 to 45 seconds onto that lap – because of the time taken away from what the car and driver were doing on a normal lap.  Same with interruptions at work.  Same with an emergency dental appointment.  40 minutes for the treatment.  Set off at 11:50.  Got home 4:45.  Maddening, isn’t it??

Feb 14th - eating outside!

Feb 14th – eating outside!

...at daffodil festival

…at daffodil festival

Amazing to see so many people at Mawgan in Meneage parish church in the Lizard Peninsula, West Cornwall. The church was crammed with visitors for the whole festival – from Saturday at 10.30 until Monday at 4.  Loads of volunteers, driven by our friend, Wendy Bailey.  Both the daffodils (and the church) as well as the whole spirit of volunteerism, were equally uplifting.  Congratulations to all.  We loved it in a tired but happy way…!

Now can I just get a bit personal. We have had some work done on our house – Andy the tiler has done a fantastic job on the bathroom and en-suite.  Him being a plumber too helped a lot…darned old kit just doesn’t got back where you took it out from.  (Another useful metaphor, I feel?)

So it’s down to me, the occasional DIYer, to do the titivating and decorating:  Here’s my rant of tweets:

  • Preparation and putting stuff back is 90% of the time taken – only 10% is painting.
  • Why do we keep aged old medicines at the back of that cupboard?  1997 was the use by date of one of them…
  • You waste a lot of time with the wrong kit (another useful learning metaphor?)
  • It is very satisfying when you have finished!

And finally two more personals. Talking about #WILY on MarlowFM (local community radio – all run by volunteers: again, very uplifting) – actually talking about it, really brings it home.  It is really making me think every day about learning something new.  You should try it!

And Janie was away over the weekend at a Spa Hen-Do.  I missed her a lot.

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