Brilliant letter this morning from a Mr Dave McGovern (airline pilot) who moaned about an article bemoaning radio-telephony language.  He signed off:

Bravo Yankee Echo Foxtrot Oscar Romeo November Oscar Whiskey (BYE FOR NOW – just in case you didn’t get it!)

(Ideas are all around us…)

(But did you see he managed to get Foxtrot Oscar in the sentence – which is not a very nice set of initials and a bit of a put down – on purpose, I believe?)

This made me think of about three things at once (Yes, it’s yet another one of those what I learnt today moments, if you look about you there are ideas and lessons everywhere!)

  1. There is always a chance that when you talk in techno speak or in acronyms, some of your listeners may not know what you are on about – always take care to check
  2. Humour helps to sell ideas – to adults especially
  3. A bit of pride in what you do or your organisation (as this writer certainly had) goes a long way to giving you believability and credibility
  4. Always think of your method and route of communication – is it appropriate for what you are trying to achieve?  I’m guessing Dave McGovern doesn’t speak like this when he is down in the pub?
  5. (and if he did do, I hope his friends would give him feedback on how annoying it was – depending on how they handled conflict!)
  6. As an outsider, it is easy to assume you know as much as an expert insider (like the article writer who annoyed Dave).  Always beware of expressing opinion as fact – people get annoyed if you keep doing it.

OK – that’s more than 3, but I got carried away.  Look for ideas yourself – and put me out of business!

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