NHS: The Front-line?

So, we have had the government response to The Francis Report on Mid Staffs. Of all 179 recommendations, only 1 seems to have become the most contentious arena – legally binding safe staffing levels. The money people and apologists keep saying that setting a minimum would fast become the maximum norm. We all know that Intensive Care is likely to need higher nurse to patient ratios. 1:1 is not an uncommon need level. We also know that once something as big as the NHS starts measuring stuff, we get two problems:

  1. We measure what’s easy to measure and fit the figures to make sure no one asks questions
  2. We do things for the figures, not what is in the best interests of the patient

Fiddling, and fiddling whilst Rome burns will be the repeated norm.

Do we have anything to make us feel like things might change? I’m getting heartily fed up with the only answer being yet another enquiry.  Most people I work with in the NHS are totally committed and professionally focused on just doing the best they can.

Nurses, Midwives and Care staff bosses have come up with a plan for compassionate Care.  6 C’s are the headlines, and here they are.







I’m just a bit surprised this isn’t just day to day in these professions.

We just need t stop interfering. Let local real managers manage.  And let them do what they do best – and get rid of those who can’t – be they the uncaring uncommunicative nurse, or the manager who can’t.

Have a great (and safe) weekend.

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