What I Learnt Yesterday (WILY) week 6

(Sorry everyone – I am working on a MacBook and can’t find the Hashtag. My friend Jay Dodson will be giggling at this. I bought this mac from him – for a case of Rioja – because he got fed up with it not being a PC…maybe he is right).

Some strange things in week 6. Personal ones first. Broke dry January a day early. We had a dinner party, and venison casserole sort of demanded to be teamed with the excellent reds our gusts had brought. I was a cheap date though. Your tolerance of alcohol via the de novo synthesis of Alcohol Dehydrogenase (the enzyme which breaks it down) takes a few drinks to happen. So, I was a bit squiffy after half a pint of beer. But enjoyed a fab dinner and great chat. Then rediscovered Brakspears bitter on day 2 of wet February. And it is still scrumptious. Walking in East Cornwall on a bright cold English winters day just makes the heart sing. Having a great lunch out is what being away is all about too…still feels naughty having a pint and leisurely lunch on a working day.

Had an altercation with Spell Check (my mate Tony used to call it ‘smell check’). Plough became Plugh then Plow. Why do we have to suffer American English?

Communication was the second theme – meeting up with an old friend for lunch, and making plans. Having 3 long phone calls over 4 hours one day – it is just good to talk, as BT used to say. And it is what sets us apart from other creatures.

And finally – Enthusiasm. It is infectious and you cannot fake it. I met an 87 year old at a networking event in London. He had been Head Producer at Radio 2, and was still working assiduously. Looked in his 60’s – sprightly, bright eyed, flu of ideas. This keeping active stuff does seem to work. Shami Chakrabati being interviewed on Newsnight about To Kill a Mocking Bird ‘sequel’. Totally excited – the book had informed her career choice, and it really showed. Looked her up on WikiPedia…and we share a birthday. One of those quirks of maths is you will have a better than evens chance of that happening if you randomly assemble 40 people in a room. Two will have the same birthday. No idea why. Final enthusiast – new landlord of a pub in Duloe, Cornwall. The aforementioned Plough. Telling us of his plans – just so enthused and infectious. Food is excellent there too.

Gratuitous pic of Izzy the time share dog  just for fun!

Gratuitous pic of Izzy the time share dog just for fun!