#WILY week 10

A fun week of What I learnt yesterday last week, including the obvious line from a twitter follower – “I was going to look out for your WILY, but it just sounded so wrong”.  yes, our love of Carry On style jokes and puerile humour is alive and well!

I did throw a couple of extra one’s in too – mmumtm – My Mum Taught Me – felt too similar to WILY, so had to follow.  My mum’s two favourite expressions were:

“Listen politely, then please yourself”


“It costs nothing to be polite”

That’s probably enough thought provocation for the whole week?  But my other themes were about food, team work and me.

Crooked Billet, Little Marlow

Teamwork – was seeing a very busy service at our local, The Crooked Billet in Sheepridge Lane (Little Marlow).  Everyone has their allotted jobs – but no “that’s not my job” attitudes.  The bar overseer noticed her colleague couldn’t take all the plates from one table, so as she stepped into the bar she quietly said “I’l take the rest”.  No drama, no scene.  Effortless and simple – and it just works.

Gym is annoyingly painful and good for you.  It just doesn’t feel so. Is that enough on that one?  Thanks!

Loved a couple of coaching chats.  I said the immortal line “It isn’t only cream that floats”.  But the big headed person who doesn’t realise he is not as good as he thinks he is,  in perspective.  His boss – the coachee – enjoyed it.  Smiling makes it easier to cope, don’t you think?

Missed an 08:15 deadline because of a party – hard to hit 0815 when you roll into bed at 2:30 a.m.

And discovered a new shape of pasta this week.  Mafalda Corta.  Slightly wrinkly little oblongs – and great for a quick meal. I liked it more than the spirals or little tubes – easier to drain for a start.

Work life balance, finally.  Having a planning lunch away from the office, in the calm of my local-est pub, is actually fun and efficient. Enough said.

Food, health and happiness.  Not a bad week?

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