#WILY week 5

#WILY has created a strange problem last week.  I had one contact who asked what #WILY meant – and it had taken him some time to work it out. The Double Entendre made searching difficult.  But he did say the posts were insightful and interesting…praise indeed!

What I Learnt Yesterday is my one year project to tweet everyday as near to 8:15 as I can (hard in the car or when a workshop starts early!) Based on the old phrase “Every day is a school day”,  which Wendy espoused on a course last year. And it is true – there is something that happens every day that reminds you of something you ought to do, kicks you into a new action, or is something startling that adds to your way of thinking.  Everyday feels a bit of an ask – but have managed a month now – only 11 to go.  And this will form the basis for a book early 2016 too.  So there you are.  All happy now? Good…

Week 5 highlights:

  1. It was fun breaking dry January a day early, as we had a dinner party – the Venison Casserole (with Chilli Chocolate – yep…) demanded a glass or three of red.  And a pudding wine for the cheeses (it works well) and it was lovely.  I was also a cheap date, having become slightly tipsy on half a pint of beer!
  2. Cramming too much into a day leaves me feeling a bit unsatisfied – and it is too easy to focus just on tasks and almost forgetting the wetware (as IT geeks call us humans – as we are 70% water – how demeaning…).  Don’t forget the people
  3. Our bathroom and en suite are now finished – and it was lovely to have a calm craftsman in the house for a few days.  Thanks Andy – we feel like we have a new house.
  4. GPs are so in demand and vilified in the media – and all the ones that I know and work with are hyper committed and lovely people.  And they are being worn down by the repeated attacks.  Careful what you wish for,  say.  And don’t believe everything you read in The Daily Mail.
  5. My new whiteboard is such a help in organising my tasks that I wonder why I didn’t buy it a year ago!  It has replaced a year planner that I didn’t use…and it means I have more time for item 2 above..

And  great quote from @therealbanksy last week who is worth following on Twitter – “You can’t change how people treat you or what they say about you. All you can do is change how you react to it”

Look forward to seeing you at 8:15 on Twitter tomorrow.

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