A new lesson everyday…

You do know that phrase -“Everyday’s a school-day…”.  Yes?  It dovetails nicely into “When you have stopped learning you’ve stopped living…”.  And we all know people with 20 years experience – but they have actually only 1 year that they have repeated 20 times…

So, I’m setting myself an enormous task for next year.  A tweet a day – under a hashtag i have used already –  #WILY – What I Learnt Yesterday. It will be published at 8.15 everyday.  This is 12 hours earlier than 20:15, my elision time for the year (2015 – geddit???!).  There will be a weekly summary blog – What I Learnt Last Week – expanding on the themes.  And I will publish WILY early 2016, as a collected works book (physical and maybe electronic too…although I get rather tired of Amazon – somehow, can’t really trust them fully, what with their tax scheming mentality…)

Phil not looking worried enough yet....

Phil not looking worried enough yet….

Wish me luck – and I will be grateful for your own WILY’s as the year goes on – I may need the inspiration.

Today’s WILY?  The early bird catches the early bird – we did our food shop at 6:45 yesterday morning, and home and hosed at 7.30.  (Not all of the WILYs will annoy my audience….sorry if you are still out there shopping!)

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