Captain Eric “Winkle” Brown

95 years old.  Test Pilot.  Just bought a sports car ‘and really loving it’.

Image for Captain Eric 'Winkle' Brown

Here’s Captain Eric “Winkle” Brown at the recording of Desert Island Discs – the 3000 edition (on i Player – here – Desert island Discs today )

You will be amazed at the content – and makes me feel rather inadequate and would prefer to think he is fibbing!!! You will never want to retire if you follow his philosophy…life is for living.

Some highlights – (Just the questions form Kirsty Young give you the flavour)

“So, what was it like being at the liberation of Belsen?”

“The 1936 Olympics must have been a sight”

“You carried out the first supersonic flight?”

“You still hold the record for the number of take offs and landings on aircraft carriers?”

“And you looped the loop through all three spans of the Forth Bridge?”

“Your current partner you said – she hasn’t hung her coat on a rattly hook has she? – as we say?”

There is more – so much more – and it is just lovely.  Big cup of tea and a few hon nobs – just stop work for 45 minutes and be truly inspired.  An absolute joy!

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