Just in case you think you may have stumbled upon a naughty site – hold hard!  These are a couple of twitter feeds I publish – #WILT and #WILY – are What I learnt today and What I learnt yesterday.  Everyday is a school-day, as my friend and colleague Wendy Smith says – and she is right.  Ideas and learning is all around us.

Reflecting on reflection - The Lakes at their best

Reflecting on reflection – The Lakes at their best

1. This morning, we had a bit of flooding around and about.  Mostly people were immensely courteous.  Flashing you of upcoming danger (fallen tress – full across the road water lying there etc) – and t really helped to keep us safe.  Coming back on the Henley to Marlow road – we were traversing a foot deep of water, about 50 metres long – and the safest place to do this is straddling the centre line – right – on top of the brow of the road.  We were all doing that – alternate passing, first east to west then vice versa.  Until we started off and an anagram of Newark (start with W) in a Land Rover came ploughing through at 30 + mph – and we had to all drive out of his way.  I do hope he has an awful Christmas, and can get some special treatment for his very small nether regions.  It is probably only the size of his brain.  It costs nothing to be polite my mum always said (RIP mum).

2. Delegation prevents stress.  We are sharing Christmas food.  Our house for the main bit.  Then instead of falling asleep – onto puddings, cheese and port to our other family guests house.  It feels wonderfully civilised.  Now, could we do that more at work?

3. Enjoy the fact that most of us who are on call 24/7 (lap top, office, mobile and tablet) will have very little e-mail traffic for the next ten days.  Chill.  It is needed.

4. And give thanks for all those who keep the country running – health workers, Salvation Army, those helping the homeless, our religious leaders, the shop workers and even the sportspeople – thanks team – we do appreciate it

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