Kindness creates confidence

I’ve mentioned Roy Lilley before – hard witting hard-working Health Policy analyst and conference person.  If you have any opinions or feelings for our NHS – you should take a peek.  His latest blog (access via ) was about “The Little Things”.  His main story was linking the little things that make a difference in Supermarket choice to the little things that mean a lot if you have to access NHS services.  His mum’s friend had been in hospital recently.  Roy was cringing , waiting for the news of bad behaviour, lack of cleanliness or just bad treatment choice.  He shouldn’t have feared.  They were all so kind.  Everyone was so kind‘, she said.

Now I don’t know about you, but this made Roy proud, even as ‘just a bystander’, as he self deprecatingly described himself.

Little things do mean a lot, don’t they?  It’s that moment when someone says, whilst you are waiting for your Cream Tea order to be taken “I’ll be with you next – sorry about the wait…”  Or conversely, if you have been on hols in Devon last week, and your experience of the same situation was “(…if I don’t look at the customers and race past because I don’t know what I’m doing as I haven’t been trained and no-one seems to be boss around here and I just need to look busy…”) – then that little incident means a lot too.

Little things mean a lot.  Same situation, completely different feeling for me.

De-icer - a little thing that meant a lot to me in February, just left for anyone to use at a company car park

De-icer – a little thing that meant a lot to me in February, just left for anyone to use at a company car park

How often does this sort of thing happen in your daily life?  Yes, the big boys (still mainly boys, sadly) are sitting in their meeting pontificating on strategy and vision.  And the Customer Service team are spending hours on sorting out complaints.  Yes, both are important things to do.  But the way to success is often much simpler and day to day, and it’s too easy to neglect that in our big picture views.  It is about feelings.  It is about being polite and involved and being there and smiling and saying thank-you and fixing stuff and saying sorry and being happy to help and support each other.  That’s all.

And it is so easy to forget it in our busy-ness

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