Funeral for a friend

I am going to a friends funeral tomorrow.  She was a bit special.  I only know her through working closely with her during her rise through one of my client companies.  I counted her as a friend and colleague.

She died just before Easter.  She was diagnosed only two weeks before, but that’s how aggressive some cancers are.  I’d only met up with her to design the content of a course during the snow two Monday’s past.  I’d had an email exchange when she didn’t turn up to a workshop.  I said to get well soon, and I’d missed her input on the session.  She replied that she had some bad news

Sorry to say, I panicked and tried to find out what was going on.  The grapevine said it was indeed bad.  We had no idea it would happen so fast.

What do I remember Pat for?  Hard work, frightening honesty and integrity, and fun.  She was proper northern.  A lass from the north east.  Absolutely hated those who over egged their northern roots.  “That one – she keeps saying Hinny an stuff – she’s not even from there!”  Pretty typical.  No side to Pat, and no hiding place if you couldn’t hack it.

Fools were not suffered.  No work was left hanging.  No-one who put a good shift in was ever given anything but praise and support.  Fiercely loyal, Pat would fight anyone’s corner.

It is not fair.  It feels like she has been stolen from us.  It just doesn’t feel right.

The world is less of a place without you Pat.  Goodbye, bonny lass.    You taught me a lot.

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