“Good management starts with footwork. Boxers and cricketers know knock-outs and runs start with the footwork. Managers must use their feet to ‘go there’ creating awareness, understanding and picking up knowledge. Burn your desk. Manage on the hoof.”

I love this quote in today’s post from Roy Lilley at NHS managers.net.  His end of year missive is as good as it gets from anger at the constant reforms, senior management who have no idea how to lead and quite frighteningly stupid targets and measurement supremo’s   Read it and learn a lot!

MBWA?  That’s what Roy was talking about – Management by Walking Around.  I just love “burn your desk”.  Metaphorically, one hopes (where do you put your tea, otherwise?).  I have come across a lot of this not happening in my time.  It is often the “upstairs / downstairs” mentality that pervades a lot of organisations.  I know ‘us and them’ can be perpetuated by those lower down , not just those higher ups looking down their noses – but the result is the same.  Lack of transparency, respect, and trust.  Lower levels of real communication.  Things going wrong.  Resentment.  A feeling of not being involved.  Worthlessness.

Image of Tom Peters

Tom Peters – I think he was the originator of the idea?

Yes – you noticed – not doing this badly infects all other soft skills positives.

Burn your desk.  A New Years revolution is in sight!

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