Why Soft Skills for Hard Times?

I am writing the book of the same title.  Hence, Blogging in the same title.  it sort of helps to get thoughts in order and to keep it lively!

Everyone I have talked to about this  thinks at least the title is good.  I’m guessing the hard times of double dips and low growth could be with us for some time.

Inherently, I am an optimist. I think one of the best ways out of difficulty is positivity.  Systems and processes and equipment and buildings can’t be optimistic.  We are going to have to depend on the wet-ware (as the IT people call humans – not software or hardware, but wet ware because we are 70% water!).  The soft bits.  The people.  The lifeblood of organisations.  The thing that can make the biggest difference in both a positive and negative sense.

Yes, we all need to be led well, managed, cajoled, hugged, feel that we belong, smile, and get sensibly rewarded for our effort.

We al need to maximise our soft skills to make the most of our day to day work involvement.  Or outside work involvement.

Soft skills are hard.  And I don’t even like the words, really.  That was blog spot number 1 – have a look now

In case you feel low now – pigs always make me smile – hope they do you

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